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        The Being On Purpose

                 retreat (make an appt. to find out more) (make an

IMAGINARIUM also provides a simple community service, we listen.

That's right every day of the week we move our mobile "listening lounge" into a

different Portland, Oregon neighborhood and give both complementary

and paid sessions on a single subject, the practice of listening or contemplation. 

The sessions demonstrate how to follow your questions your answers. 


The free sessions prove the effectiveness of the technique in a 20 second period

and the $20. sessions establish the foundation for a lifetime practice of 

listening for your own wisdom. 

We hope you will visit this site for a forth coming list of locations.

Come find us! 

The Truth of you awaits.

Out beyond the realms of right doing and wrong doing there is a field,

I'll meet you there!"    RUMI

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